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Zimbabwe’s horticulture value chain recovery takes shape

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Zimbabwe has intensified the Horticulture Value Chain Recovery Plan, with the citrus sub-sector undergoing structural transformation to enhance the sector’s foreign currency generation capacity.

In pursuit of a vigorous turnaround strategy for the Citrus sub-sector to contribute 4% to the country’s GDP, the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development together with government’s development partners are spearheading research and technology-based agricultural performance.

As part of the efforts to grow exports, citrus producers are working with the government in a robust compliance framework for the European Union market where standards and good agronomical practices are mandatory.

An organisation which is spearheading the technical assistance in the standardisation of citrus products, COLEACP is optimistic of strengthening the competitiveness of the horticultural industry as was explained by the company’s representative Mr William Zirebwa.

“We are delighted to be Zimbabwe’s Development partner in the horticulture value chain Development due to the enormous potential that Zimbabwe possess and we are here to make sure that we secure the market through complying to set guidelines especially the European Union market,” he said.

One of Zimbabwe’s all-time citrus producers Mr John Perrott commended government efforts in resuscitating the sleeping giant and called for patient capital as horticulture is a long term investment.

“It is commendable for government to continue putting mechanisms that support the global agriculture recovery plan and for us citrus producers we are happy that we are getting the technical assistance that will enable us to break into the lucrative markets,” said Perrott.

Government recently made its commitment to the recovery of the horticulture sector by availing a 30 million United States dollar revolving fund to foster sustainable production. – ZBC