‘We have enough storage for expected bumper harvest’ – GMB

The Grain Marketing Board has assured the nation of its readiness to handle the expected huge volumes of grain deliveries on the back an anticipated bumper harvest this summer cropping season.

A visit to GMB depots in Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central provinces, which have over half of the nation’s grain storage silos revealed that all hands are on deck.

Grain Marketing Board (GMB) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Rokie Mutenha is confident the country’s storage facilities will be equal to the task, with silo repair and automation works underway.

“Half of our silo depos are in Mashonaland West province, which is an indication the province is the hub of grain production.

“We are carrying out annual maintenance, mechanical works for efficient receiving and dispatching of grain, electrical works for automation of plant for efficient operation and maintaining fire-fighting equipment to manage any disaster.

“Depots like Magunje, Karoi and Banket have been completed and currently we are working on Norton and Chegutu,” said Mr Mutenha.

Mr Mutenha added that a tender has been flighted for a contractor to supply grain bags, while collection and mobile depots have been established across the country.

He added, “We will establish collection and mobile depots and 1350 have identified. Half of these are in Mashonaland west we will also operate at all COTTCO collection depots so that they be one stop shops for grain and cotton.”

The country is expecting a historic summer cropping season that will give Zimbabwe and opportunity to start building grain reserves following years of drought.

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