GMB deliveries surpass 89 000 tonnes in 7 weeks

The Grain Marketing Board has received more than 89 000 tonnes of grain in seven weeks since the opening of the marketing season on April 1.

Farmers have so far delivered 84 170 tonnes of maize with the parastatal receiving an average of 5 000 tonnes of maize daily.

GMB chief executive, Mr. Rockie Mutenha said grain deliveries had intensified and had surpassed the targeted yield of 54 000 tonnes by end of May.

“We have received 84 170 tonnes of maize by May 26 compared to 25 050 that had been delivered by farmers to the GMB depots during the same period last year.

“Farmers have also delivered 5 406 tonnes of traditional grains an increase from 316 tonnes received same period last season.

“We are receiving an average of 5 000 tonnes per day and every day, the graph is going up.

“We had projected to receive about 54 000 tonnes by end of May but its showing that we are likely to achieve 100 000 tonnes. We are excited about the deliveries and support from the farmers,” he said.

Mr. Mutenha urged farmers to ensure that deliver grain with correct moisture content.

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