Mugabe Has 21 Farms, Has Been Leasing Farms To Whites

Former Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe 

A Government source who spoke to state-owned newspaper, The Herald, on condition of anonymity has claimed that former President Robert Mugabe has 21 farms some of which he has been leasing them to white farmers.

This is despite Mugabe speaking against people who own multiple farms or those that lease out their farms to whites.

Said the Government source:

There is an issue of farms that they (Mugabes) have ben leasing to whites. Here was a President who was preaching one-person, one-farm, but who has 21 farms. But a good number which was being leased to white farmers. And he knows that the new Government will have to want to choose one out of the 21. But some of his investments, including the dairy and the children’s project, were benefiting from a blurred accounting system between those business propositions and State coffers. Now, they are worried that unless they recapture State power, all those projects will crumble.

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