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Zimbabwean model shines in Australia

Rutendo Chifamba
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TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwean model Rutendo Chifamba is making waves internationally after she made it into the Miss Universe Australia national finalist.

She competed against other 35 beauty queens in Western Australia.

In an interview, Rutendo said girls need to pursue every dream and passion that God has placed on them.

“Miss Universe Australia is an organisation that empowers women and gives them the opportunity to represent Australia internationally at Miss Universe.

“This competition allows women to expand their platform, work with incredible brands, model, and convey a message to the world that is near to their heart.

“I have always loved modelling and so I prayed about this opportunity and applied online for this competition.

“This event happens annually,” said Rutendo.

She said she is honoured to represent her county.

“I am so honoured that I will not only be representing Australia, but Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabweans are hardworking, determined, and resilient which I hope to showcase wherever I go. I will stand tall, carrying my Zimbabwean heritage with pride and confidence.

“I am getting the opportunity to network with people in various fields, develop my character and confidence, represent Australia and Zimbabwe, and share my voice through multiple platforms,” she added.

Rutendo, who began her career in 2015, is confident of making it at the pending finals.

“I entered Miss Teen Galaxy Australia in 2015 where I made it as a national finalist. I also entered Miss Universe Australia in 2018 where I qualified as a national finalist.

“We were 35 contestants and I want to urge other girls to pursue every dream and passion that God has placed into your heart.

“Do not worry if no one like you has ever stepped into such positions or done what you are inspiring to do. Be the first, break the mould, and set an example.

“Walk up to every opportunity with the faith that all things are possible and the humility to know that not all doors are meant to be. Whatever is for you will be for you. Do not shy back in life. Trust that God has a plan for you,” she added.

Source: H-Metro