Zimbabwean Local Documentary Picked For US Festival

Zimbabwean local documentary “Two Good Hearts” has been selected for screening at the 12th annual Silicon Valley Africa Film Festival

This followed a successful premiere at Egypt’s 10th Luxor Africa Film Festival in March where it was nominated for Best Long Documentary Film.

Directed by Thomas Muziyirwa, the documentary will be screened at the festival to be held between October 8 and 10 in San Francisco, United States.

Muziyirwa said he was excited to have his film screened at the festival.
“It is great joy and excitement to announce that our documentary film ‘Two Good Hearts’, has been selected into 12th Annual Silicon Valley African Film Festival,” he said.

“The film follows the lives of Zimbabwean identical twins Everson and Everlet Nyamhere who are on their mission to bring change in people’s lives by sharing the little at hand with the highly impoverished within their community.

“In a world where selfishness and greed have become the norm, the brothers resorted to a simple life in order to help the orphanage and the marginalised in their society. However, a tragic death separates them as Everlet is struck by lightning.”

The documentary is Muziyirwa’s third feature film, with some of his works having been previously selected to be showcased in several countries, including Germany, Nepal, Egypt and Zanzibar.

Silicon Valley African Film Festival shares a journey across the vast richness of the African continent and its diaspora through the lenses of its seasoned and emerging filmmakers.

Due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival will present a hybrid of in-person and online presence this year. Over 80 films from 30 countries, all sharing true stories, hopes and dreams of Africa and its diaspora, will be showcased this year.

S.I/All Africa