Usher has become the latest star to take part in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke – and looks as though he does not have a care in the world as reports claim he gave a former girlfriend herpes.

Before cruising around the streets of Los Angeles, Usher launches into his 2004 club banger Yeah! with Corden, 38, on top form and throwing himself wholeheartedly into Ludacris’ tongue-twisting rap verse. Recalling his childhood, Usher then told the Late Late Show host: “I started off dancing in the street with my cousin. Dance was everywhere, it was part of the culture to move.”

The pair then pull up into a car park where Usher, 38, coaches Corden on how to make a cool entrance into a club where the comedian exhibits some awkward swagger before duetting on the pop star’s hit ballad Burn.

Soon enough, the pair get up to mischief when Usher realises that had driven past his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

After taking selfies together at the tourist attraction, Usher quips: “I do my best [to look after it]. I just find it odd that you work all of these years as hard as you can only to have people walk all over you as a star.”

During their friendly chat, Usher, full name Usher Raymond, reveals he has tried to become a vegan but has struggled to stay away from meat. He sheepishly admits: “I had some really thin-sliced meat yesterday. I’ve been really focused on becoming vegan but I like beef and chicken – but I’m a vegan.” He jokingly adds: “I actually got it from my son because he’s like, ‘I’m a vegetarian’. But he likes meat.”

Usher is now accused of passing on the herpes virus to several womenLarry Busacca/Getty Images

Later in the segment, the duo stop to help push a broken-down car before Usher stands in front of oncoming traffic to halt the vehicles before rounding off with Usher’s dancefloor-filler OMG.

It is believed the Carpool Karaoke was filmed before reports claimed Usher had paid a former lover £1.1m ($845,000) after allegedly passing on the herpes virus which he is said to have contracted in 2009. A second woman then came forward to accuse Usher of also passing onto her an STD and initially sued the musician for $10m only to later up her price to $20m.

Watch James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke: