Juicer Mpostori on comeback trail. . . blames ’greedy’ promoters for his woes

Wiriranai Maenda, popularly known as Juicer Mpostori

FORGOTTEN, but talented musician, Wiriranai Maenda, popularly known as Juicer Mpostori, has attributed his waning music career to “greedy” and “unfaithful” promoters as well as bar owners who used and dumped him. Juicer, who is on a recovery path to reclaim lost lustre, was once an after-sought youthful musician whose music appealed to all especially during the diamond rush era about a decade ago.

He rose to stardom with danceable tracks such as ‘‘Benitah’’, ‘‘Kamunakiro’’, ‘‘Zvinhu Zvacho’’, ‘‘Zvaramba’’, ‘‘Dangerous’’, ‘‘Katurike’’, ‘‘Favour’’, ‘‘Katurike’’, ‘‘Kadhanzi’’, ‘‘Newe’’, ‘‘Rudo’’ and ‘‘Murudo’’ among others. He even participated at national galas. Before he sunk into oblivion, promoters jostled for his signature.

He performed at several memorable gigs in areas across the country as well as national musical galas, for instance the Uhuru Gala held in 2012 in Harare. Despite his lyrical ingenuity, unique talent and experience, Juicer did not realise any meaningful financial gains over the years.

He revealed how promoters and bar owners (names supplied) would call him and his band for performances, either as main or supporting act before they refused to pay him. Recently, he performed at two high- profile events held in the eastern border city, but investigations by Weekender Entertainment revealed that he was yet to receive payment despite signing a contract with the organisers.

“I am failing to fully polish this album (“Mubvandiripo”) and probably officially launch it because of financial challenges. I also fail to do shows and posters for the same reason. Some promoters are not being fair with me. Even after signing contractual agreements, they let me perform for an agreed fee before changing goalposts later,” he said.

He left Zimunya in 2014 and went to neighbouring Mozambique before he settled in Harare early this year. He is currently conducting his music business in Chikanga, but he is contemplating relocating to Harare in search of greener pastures. He is in Mutare for now to recover all the money he is being owed by some promoters.

“It is unfortunate that we look to promoters and arts organisation for assistance and guidance, but they are letting us down. They use us when they see it necessary before dumping us,” he added.

He is now working on a new seven-track album, “Mubvandiripo” which is due for release soon. Songs on the album include the title track, ‘‘Mubvandiripo’’, ‘‘Handina Mhosva’’, ‘‘Hupenyu’’, ‘‘Maria’’ and ‘‘Huyai’’.

“The album carries messages on social issues that affect us everyday. It carries various messages such as love, deception, greed and betrayal. I believe my fans will love this album,” said Juicer.