South Africans call on SABC to retrench prominent pro-Zimbabwean opposition supporter

Peter Ndoro

South Africans have stood by SABC news anchor Peter Ndoro amid calls for him to be retrenched by the public broadcaster.

The hashtag #RetrenchPeterNdoro trended on Twitter on April 1, 2021. The call for Ndoro to be retrenched comes after SABC 621 of its employees on 31 March 2021. 346 employees opted for voluntary severance packages, while 275 employees occupied positions that were made redundant.

South Africans on Twitter used the hashtag #RetrenchPeterNdoro calling for the Zimbabwean born Peter Ndoro to be retrenched. However, prominent South Africans ranging from ordinary South Africans, politicians and Ndoro’s colleagues in the journalism field have come out in support of the veteran anchor.

EFF Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi came out in support of Ndoro and said the #RetrenchPeterNdoro hashtag is a fool’s hashtag. He wrote:

The #RetrenchPeterNdoro his a fools hashtag, driven by xenophobia & afrophobia: true #AprilFools You can’t celebrate Trevor Noah who is in a USA based Daily Show & demand the retrenchment of Peter Ndoro simply because he is Zimbabwean! That is why we call this a fools’ hashtag!

Fellow journalist, Sophie Mokoena said the calls for Peter Ndoro to be retrenched are sponsored. She wrote:

You can see this is well planned and sponsored. Like I alway say evil will not Triumph over Good. I know too well that no former or current SABC employee will display such hate and Xenophobic tendencies. Peter Ndoro is loved by millions. He is one of the best amongst the best.

Another fellow journalist Redi Tlhabi also came out in support of Ndoro urging him not to waver. She wrote:

Hi @peterndoro ..beyond “hello” we have never spoken. So forgive my intrusion but I feel like wagging my finger at you and telling you to NEVER ever let piercing words matter more than kind, soothing words. For every person who attacks you, many more lift you up. Don’t waver!