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Ray J admits sex tape with Kim Kardashian was ‘a little much’

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Ray J admits the sex tape he filmed with Kim Kardashian West was “a little much”.

The 37-year-old singer recorded a sex tape with his ex-girlfriend in 2003, but Ray has insisted he’s moved on from the incident and is now firmly focused on his future with his wife Princess Love and their daughter Melody, who was born on May 22.

Asked whether he looks back on the sex tape with any regrets, the ‘Right On Time’ hitmaker exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I don’t look back on it, only look forward.

“I have the best baby, I got the wife, I got to look at them and to look forward to things that are positive.

“The tape was just a little much and that was the old Ray J. And even the old Ray J would respond differently from then.”

Ray explained that he’s matured over time, and that becoming a father has transformed his outlook on life.

He shared: “I might have said some crazy s**t about it and responded different but now, I’m much more mature, I have a lot more respect for this industry and women alone.

“My wife was in labour for 28 hours. Then she had a C-Section and had the baby out, so right there I was humbled.”

Ray admitted that witnessing his wife give birth had caused him to develop a new-found respect for women.

The American star – whose sex tape was leaked in 2007 – explained: “Anybody that’s a mother, I respect them to the highest level.

“No matter what happened and what we did and no matter what, my respect level was high and I just want to spread the love.”
Ray J’s new single ‘Right On Time’ is out now.

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