The synopsis of the episode reads: Ghost and Tommy seek retribution after tragedy befalls the St Patrick family; Tasha tries to keep things together at home; Angela attempts to reconcile with Ghost and rekindle their relationship.

The current season of the Starz drama is about Ghost’s struggle to get hold of his lost career and his family but he is yet to be successful on both the fronts. Though he is out of prison, his fight to get hold of his life is still on. Show creator Courtney Kemp, meanwhile, has explained that Raina’s death is indirectly caused by James.

“We wanted it to be about, the sins of the father that are visited upon the son and the daughter are really his neglect as a parent. Ghost’s self-involvement and his eye being elsewhere made him vulnerable to arrest and incarceration, and distracted from the family,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“And while all that was happening, Tariq was getting further and further into a life of crime. We wanted this story to really be about Tariq and, as a result, it’s about his rebellion against his father. So it’s about Ghost in one way, but in a lot of other ways it’s actually really about, “Are criminals born or are they made?” Nature versus nurture.”