Olinda shoots from hip

OLINDA Chapel still has some fire power to throw shade at ex-husband rapper Desmond Chideme aka Stunner from time to time.

Judging from her Facebook post on Wednesday the socialite “slash” businesswoman — who after a public and messy divorce with Mr Chideme was quick to find love in another rapper Tytan Skhokho — still has a bone to chew with Stunner.

“At times I get really jealous of that laptop. The amount of attention it gets. Evil thoughts of accidentally pouring water on it but then I realise I would have to replace it. Then I realise what it represents, the hard working man that you are. How you are always working on one project to the other. I guess you can say I am not used to being around a hard working man who is a provider. So never change because it’s these attributes that make my heart have tremors over you,” she said.

Reading through the lines, money is very much a big part of Olinda’s life hence the “I would have to replace it”. But when she waxed lyrical on how Tytan is hardworking she added the bit about the opposite of a “lazy man” which she has been exposed to in the past.

Her comments did not escape, social media police — fashion blogger and businesswoman Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele was quick to pick on Olinda’s cynicism.

“Olinda doesn’t throw shade, she throws the entire tree,” Ndebele said.