TI say its either lil Kim or Nicki Minaj both can’t be on list

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Nicki’s Barbz, however, weren’t happy with how their queen was discussed on the show and quickly started dragging T.I. and his podcast for their decision.

Me’Kyale Myurz@elbonitoguapo

TI been salty since nicki bodiedddddd him on hello good morning and nobody wanted to hear the version he was on since.

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Respect The Juxx @DollarJetSki

I don’t argue with Lil Kim fans coz there’s literally nothing to argue about.. Matter of fact I can’t argue with fans of any rapper that hasn’t sold more than 100M records in the US and more than 250M records worldwide compared to Nicki. There’s levels to this sh*t.

R&B = Feelins & Sex Songs @TheBossUKNOWIis

There’s a reason why T.I. never had a Nicki feature or been on Nicki Minaj song

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kelz “Thatssss Me”


Can we just take the time out and realize how we saw Nick come from nothing and work her ass of 2 be in the position that she is in now. Nothing was giving to her and this is no shade whatsoever the lady is an icon she earned her 10s stop playing in her face. Nicki is the G.O.A.T

The Old Trill AC@TheTrillAC


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When the official list was finally revealed on the “No Mediocre” rapper’s Instagram page both Nicki and Kim did make the list with the “Super Bass” rapper at number 41 and the “Lady Marmalade” rapper at 40.