Nick Cannon on ‘journey of atonement’

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is on a “journey of atonement” after making anti-Semetic comments last summer and wants to be a better person.

The 40-year-old star was fired by ViacomCBS and lost his radio show last year over remarks he made on his YouTube series “Cannon’s Class” while speaking to former Public Enemy star Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin, but he’s been doing his best to make amends and was recently reinstated as host of ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and has returned to KPWR-FM radio.

And Nick felt simply apologising would have been meaningless, so he wanted to better educate himself, which he insisted wasn’t just a cynical attempt to get his career back on track.

Speaking to Linsey Davis on “Soul of a Nation”, he said: “I’ve always said that apologies are empty. Apologies are weightless.

“In Hebrew they call it, you know, ‘Teshuva,’ the process of not only you know, repenting, but through that, if you’re ever met with a similar situation that you make a different decision. That goes beyond apologising.

“And I’m on this journey of atonement, not to get a job, not to gain any more money because that’s not what’s needed here. I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do.”

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The ‘Masked Singer’ presenter wants to grow as a person and even if he isn’t forgiven by everyone in the Jewish community, he wants to do his best.

He said: “I hurt people. I’m going to lean into it. I want to understand why I hurt you, what did I say? What are these tropes? Educate me.

“My journey’s not going to stop whether the person watching this forgives me or not.

I’m still going to hopefully, through this process, be on the right side of history and bring people closer together.”

Nick previously insisted he never meant to spread “hate and propaganda” against Jewish people.

He said: “I know how you could have taken many of the things that I said as hate and propaganda, but that was never my heart and intentions, I was talking about how amazing Black people were, but it hurt so many people that weren’t a part of that community while I was trying to encourage and uplift my own community.”

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