Mukanya Homecoming Bira On Tomorrow

Thomas Mapfumo

The long wait will be over tomorrow when Thomas Mapfumo’s homecoming bira takes place at Glamis Arena featuring other local musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Winky D, Suluman Chimbetu, and Andy Muridzo.

The stage has been set and artistes are ready to go. Organisers say the tickets are selling fast.

All eyes will be on Mukanya who has not performed in the country for 14 years.

He is based in the United States where he went on self-imposed exile.

His combination with Tuku will make the event a bigger affair.

The hype has been immense and it is now time to see what the musician has to offer.

Mukanya will likely depend on his old hits because most of his recent songs are unknown. And that is what his old fans are also yearning for.

They are nostalgic and they want to revisit the good old days when the music legend roared on stage to huge crowds.

He has brought together many instrumentalists that he has worked with over the years. A total of 18 band members will alternate to back Mukanya.

It is likely to be a memorable homecoming bira.