John Legend describes Jesus as a ‘revolutionary’

John Legend

John Legend has opened up about playing the title role in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert’ and described the real life person as a “revolutionary”.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, he said: “I think Jesus in real life was a bit of a revolutionary – he was somebody who was disrupting the status quo and provided an example for how we could all love each other, how we think about people who have been looked down upon and what it means to sacrifice oneself for something that you believe in.”

John – whose mother was a choir director, his grandfather a pastor and his grandmother a church organist – was raised in a “very Christian” home, and suggested it has helped him achieve his dreams as a musician.

The 39-year-old star explained: “I was in choir rehearsals every week as a kid, and I took over the choir when I was older. That was the foundation of my career; I wouldn’t be where I am without playing gospel music in church.”

‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert’ airs on Easter Sunday, April 1 on NBC, and John has revealed his goals when it comes to interpreting the work of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice.

He said: “[They] imagined what a real human being would think going through betrayal and the challenge of joining together with your friends to fight against oppression. My job is to embody that.”

Meanwhile, John – whose wife Chrissy Teigen is expecting a baby boy, a brother for their 23-month-old daughter Luna – previously claimed his relationship has made him a better person.

He said: “I’ve definitely not always been scandal-free. I did all kinds of things that I’m not proud of. Nothing evil, nothing awful. I lied. I was selfish.

“But I’ve gotten better at life. Maturity is a lot to do with being with the right person. Learning what the other person in your relationship likes and caring enough about what they like to try to make them happy.

“And when you raise kids together, you have to operate like a team and you want that team to be successful. I wasn’t ready to do that when I was 25. But then I met Chrissy.”