Janet Jackson told ‘it wasn’t possible’ for her to have kids

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson feels lucky to have son Eissa as she was told by doctors that “it wasn’t possible” for her to have children.

The ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’ singer feels so lucky to have her “beautiful healthy son” Eissa, who she welcomed into the world in January 2017.

Speaking in a Q & A alongside her brother Randy at Roosevelt High School, she said: “Every doctor told me it wasn’t possible. But I’ve got a beautiful, healthy son. He’ll be 10 months old.”

PRIORITY: Janet and Eissa Al Mana

Meanwhile, Janet’s brother Tito previously revealed he thinks motherhood makes his sister “feel complete”.

He shared: “She’s doing all the baby talk to the baby and playing with him constantly – all that stuff. She changes all the diapers – she does it all. She’s a real mother.

“She loves it. I asked her, ‘How are you getting along with this?’ and she said, ‘Tito, I love it.’ She just loves her baby. She’s great at being a mother. It’s really great. I guess it sort of makes her feel complete.

“It was really different for me to see her as a mother. It’s her first baby and she has always been the baby in our family, so that was a little strange in itself!”

And despite her break up from her estranged husband Wissam Al Mana, Janet is in “good spirits”, according to her make-up artist Preston Meneses.

He said: “I think Janet is ready! She is happy and is in good spirits. I think the world is going to get something really special from her. She’s really excited. We all are – a lot of us have been working together for years so when we come together, it’s just like being with your family and when you work with your family, things just come easy and it’s a wonderful experience. Right now, I just feel like the universe put us all together for another moment. I think it’s going to be a very successful tour.”