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Jada Pinkett Smith is hoping for ‘closure’ over Tupac’s death

Jada Pinkett Smith is hoping for "closure" after a man was charged with the murder of Tupac Shakur. Picture: Reuters
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Jada Pinkett Smith is hoping for “closure” after a man was charged with the murder of Tupac Shakur.

The 52-year-old actress attended the Baltimore School for the Arts in her youth with the tragic rap star – who was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996 – and following the news on Friday that Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis, 60, was indicted by a grand jury in Nevada on one count of murder with a deadly weapon, she took to social media to speak out.

She wrote on Instagram: “Now I hope we can get some answers and have some closure. R.I.P. Pac.”

Picture: jadapinkettsmith /IG Stories

Earlier this year, the ‘Nutty Professor star – who is now married to ‘King Richard’ actor Will Smith and has Jaden,25, and 22-year-old Willow with him – alluded to feelings she may have had for the ‘Changes’ rapper and admitted she felt “sad” that she never told him how she felt about him before his death.

Speaking on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ on SiriusXM, she said: “You know, it’s so funny. Now being older, I have more of an understanding of what that was between us.

“When you have two young people that have very strong feelings, but there was no physical chemistry between us at all, and it wasn’t even just for me! It was him too.

“There was a time when I was like, ‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes.’ And when I tell you it had to be the most disgusting kiss for us both. The only way I can put it is, the higher power just did not want that.

“I don’t think I was guilty as much as I felt just sadness, for not having the opportunity to tell him that I loved him. But, I know he knew that.”

Marc DiGiacomo, a chief deputy district attorney in Clark County, said in court on Friday that Davis was an “on-ground, on-site commander” who “ordered the death” of the ‘Changes’ rapper, according to CBS news.

Thirteen September marked the 27th anniversary of Tupac’s death and the murder had gone unsolved until now.

It is thought that the jury had been seated on the case for “several months” when Davis was arrested whilst walking near his home on Friday morning.

Radio host Mike Muse, told ABC News after hearing the news: “Tupac was a prolific rapper, poet, actor… his lyrics today still serve such a blueprint to culture and society.

“This is why his death has always loomed over us for so long; over what actually happened to him.”

The acclaimed rap star – who used the stage name 2Pac – sold more than 75 million records worldwide and at the time of his death had been embroiled in an infamous rivalry with fellow rapper Biggie Smalls, who himself was shot and killed six months later in March 1997.