Gringo hospitalised, getting free treatment

Lazarus Boora, aka Gringo

Ailing comedian Lazarus “Gringo” Boora  has been hospitalised after his situation deteriorated in the past 24 hours.

Gringo, who is battling intestine obstruction (tesnel), sitting discomfort, backache, hearing and talking difficulties, has been admitted to WestView Medical Centre in Zimre Park.

His wife, Netsai, confirmed the latest development and thanked well-wishers who are coming to assist them with donations.

“The situation has changed and as of yesterday around 10am he was in great pain,” she said. “We went to his specialist surgeon Dr Pardon Karidza, who is based at the Avenues Clinic.

“He checked on him and said there are tests that need to be conducted to check what was wrong with him. We then got a call from Dr Johannes Marisa and other medical practitioners who told us that they wanted to treat him for free at their hospital in Zimre Park.

“We went there and he got admitted. He was put on intravenous feeding and they gave him an injection.” Netsai said Dr Karidza agreed to give a report to other doctors who were now treating Gringo.

“Both doctors have agreed to work together and his first surgeon has confirmed that he will send Gringo’s first medical report so that the new doctors will know where to start,” she said.

“It has been hectic and stressful day for us as a family because Gringo’s situation is deteriorating and scary by day. He is in pain. The doctors are treating him for free. They said they will check on his blood levels as he seems to be dehydrated too. So, we will need funds to buy the blood satchets.”

Netsai said musicians First Farai, Nicholas Zakaria and comedian and actor Kapfupi were present when Gringo was taken to Zimre.

“First Farai drove us to the medical centre in Zimre,” she said. “I also want to thank Madzibaba Zakaria and Kapfupi who visited. Some people are even calling sending money on EcoCash, while a non-governmental organisation called and promised to assist tomorrow. I am happy with the responses that we are getting.” – Herald

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