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Floyd Mayweather Says 50 Cent Has Herpes And He Provide Receipts

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent
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50 Cent has herpes, according to Floyd Mayweather.

The boxing icon and 50 Cent are back at it again and this time it’s getting really personal. Last week, we reported that 50 Cent ridiculed Mayweather for a Gucci jacket he posted himself in that Fifty said looked a lot like something a granny would wear. I mentioned that a response from the legendary boxer was certain, seeing as the banter between them has been ongoing. Today, I’m amused to report that the saga continues.

Floyd Mayweather decided to up the ante with his response to Fifty’s slights towards him. In a shady Instagram post shared to his account, Floyd wrote the caption, “Even your first born son’s mother, Shaniqua said you got herpes,” Mayweather wrote. “But by the way your eyes look, it looks more like something deadlier than that.” The photo he uploaded was a screenshot of an old article about Fifty that had the title “50 Cent’s Ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, Accuses Rapper Of Having ‘Genital Herpes.”

Fifty has pretty much made an entire new career out of being an internet troll, so of course, he threw up a quick comeback. His online presence is constant, and even fans recognize that he really has no intention of retiring from it. “50 almost 50 and still talkin bout beef on social media,” one fan wrote on Instagram. This was in response to a video posted by DJ Akademiks in which Fif was heard speaking on how many people have taken Floyd’s women from him. The rapper also name-dropped young professional boxer Gervonta Davis as one of the many who did.

“Ray J took one of the b***s, now Gervontae done took one of the b***s, he done bought the b***h a Bentley, Maybach, condos, all that sh*t and now Gervonta’s got the b***h,” Fifty continued. “She said f**k that I’m not f**ing with the old n***a, I’m going with the new n***a, this n***a ready.” The undying feud between the rapper and athlete has become so prevalent that it’s easy to forget that they were once friends. I guess they really have no intention of resuming that friendship. Check out Fifty’s animated response below.

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