Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson ‘kidnaps’ comedian Michael Blackson after becoming butt of jokes

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Despite his vow to stay off social media after a series of bizarre rants left fans questioning his mental wellbeing, Tyrese Gibson has managed to outdo himself.

The Hollywood actor’s online antics reached a new level of bizarre on Monday (20 November) when he documented his ‘kidnap’ of comedian Michael Blackson – who recently made him the butt of jokes – in an apparent revenge plot.

In the four clips posted on Blackman’s page, the funnyman − stripped to his underwear − is bound and gagged and appears distressed.

One clip shared with Blackson’s 2.1 million followers shows Gibson sitting on the sofa eating noodles as one of his goons brings in Blackson and throws him on the sofa.

“The slave trade you f**k with my daughter you f**k with me f**k Michelle Blackson,” he captioned one video of him sitting menacingly in front of Blackson, wearing a black balaclava.

Stunned by the apparent kidnap, the online community took to the comments section in their droves. “We can never know when this mf playing or being serious,” one person said while another wrote: ” He was definitely doing way too much though and going too far. I just hope he doesn’t go back there.

Others soon released it was a joke and offered their two cents, with one saying: “Finally caught him slipping, now he’s being shipped to the white house.

Fans of the 38-year-old star, who recently battled his ex-wife Norma Gibson for custody of their 10-year-old daughter Shayla, had expressed concerns about his mental health after he broke down in tears in a video and ranted about being burdened with legal fees and struggling to find work as a result of the abuse allegations levelled against him.

Gibson was the victim of widespread ridicule and a clip of Blackson mocking him went viral. In one of the many videos he used to troll Gibson relentlessly he said: “Okay, Tyrese, after watching your video about 10 times, me and a few other dark-skinned n*ggas have decided to trade you.

He added: “You are no longer considered dark skin. You did some really red bullsh*t yesterday. I spoke to Akon, Don Cheadle, Gucci Mane and Wesley Snipes and we are trading you for Drake and Steph Curry. Good luck with your court case.”

According to TMZ, LAPD rushed to the actor’s property in the early hours after the clips surfaced online, causing alarm. Many fans and feared that the film star has become a danger to himself and others and could potentially harm Blackson.

When they arrived on the scene, they were reassured that ‘hostage situation” was nothing more than a joke and Blackson was in on it. – IBTimes