Drake rented a Rolls-Royce to ‘prove he’d make it’

Drake has reflected on his route to the top of the music industry in a candid Instagram post.

The rap star celebrated his 35th birthday on Sunday, and he’s marked the occasion by revealing how far he’s come in his career.

Alongside a 14-year-old video of himself in a Rolls-Royce, Drake wrote on Instagram: “Back in 2007 we used to finesse this Rolls Royce Phantom rental to convince people in the city we were destined to make it. I used to scrape together 5k a month somehow to keep up appearances (sic)”

Drake used renting the vehicle as a means of motivating himself to reach the top of the music industry.

The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker – who is now one of the world’s best-selling artists – said: “Even though I don’t recommend putting yourself in financial trouble for material things I realize now that this was just my way of extreme manifesting.

“I needed to see it and feel it and have it to believe that I could see and feel and have anything I wanted.

“Today in 2021 my brother @futuretheprince tracked down the exact car I use to stress over and gifted it to me…it’s mine now. Manifestation complete. (sic)”

Drake subsequently thanked his followers for their birthday messages.

He wrote on the photo-sharing platform: “Thank you for all the love and appreciation and gifts and texts and dm’s…more than just loved I feel truly appreciated and that is the only gift I ever needed. (sic)”

Drake previously revealed that he feels proud of how he’s dealt with fame and success.

He reflected: “I think one of my biggest accomplishments is the fact that I didn’t let this massive, massive change in my life destroy me.

“That’s my biggest accomplishment. I made a lot of money. I been a lot of places. I had a lot of opportunities to f*** this up. And didn’t.”