Dinky D Changes “Name” From Gafa To Gombwe

Winky D

Winky D has revealed that he will no longer be using the Gafa tag but will be going by Gombwe which is the title of his upcoming album.

He said this at the Coca Cola television and radio charts prize giving ceremony held at Crown Plaza Hotel where he walked away $4 500 richer. Said Winky D:

I want to thank my fans for the support they keep giving me if it were not for them we would not be where we are. It’s not that we are very clever or anything it is all about the support the fans give us and I’m truly grateful. On that note I just want to inform the fans that I will no longer be using the Gafa tag anymore. I will now be using the name Gombwe. I know many do not know what it means but you can check the dictionary for now. I will reveal the meaning at my album launch on February 2.

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