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Ashanti and Nelly Secretly Married Before Engagement Announcement

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Ashanti and Nelly, celebrated figures in the entertainment industry, surprised fans by revealing not only their engagement and pregnancy news but also that they had secretly tied the knot months earlier.

Public records uncovered by TMZ disclose that the musicians officially became husband and wife on December 27, 2023, marking a significant milestone in their rekindled relationship. Although the documents do not specify the location of their marriage, the union was legally recognized in St. Louis County, hometown of the renowned rapper known for hits like ‘Hot in Here’.

Despite this private ceremony, it remains uncertain if the couple plans to host a public wedding ceremony for their family and friends, a possibility hinted at in recent months.

Ashanti, 43, shared details of Nelly’s unexpected proposal during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing the intimate nature of the moment. Recounting the proposal, she described being caught off guard while casually dressed in one of Nelly’s T-shirts and boxer shorts.

“I felt like [the proposal] was going to come soon. I didn’t know when. The way that it happened was just so funny. I’m sitting in the bed watching TV with boxers on,” Ashanti shared candidly.

Reflecting on her emotions following the proposal, Ashanti expressed being “shocked and surprised,” immediately sharing her joy with loved ones via FaceTime.

Nelly, 49, who already has two adult children from a previous relationship, previously discussed their unexpected reconciliation and subsequent engagement during an interview on Boss Moves with Rasheeda. He emphasized that their reunion was not planned but brought newfound understanding between them after their initial separation.

“It wasn’t anything that we planned. We both were pretty much doing what we do. But sometimes, being separate, you understand one another more,” Nelly explained, highlighting the personal growth that occurred during their time apart.

As fans eagerly await further details from the newlyweds, Ashanti and Nelly’s story continues to captivate with its blend of romance and surprise revelations.

This development marks a significant chapter in the couple’s journey, resonating deeply with their loyal fan base and sparking curiosity about their future plans together.