Zimbabwean teacher commits suicide after wife ‘compares him to boyfriend’

A teacher at Gunura Secondary School in Buhera has died after drinking rat poison allegedly because his wife told him that he did not perform in bed as well as her boyfriend.

Sources told The Mirror that Ganga who was on leave at the time of the commission of the suicide left a note stating the reasons for his action.
Ganga died on Tuesday last week.

He alleged in the note that his wife insulted him saying he was not as good as her boyfriend in bed. He declared that his wife’s three weeks old infant was not his child and asked his relatives to ensure that the wife left the matrimonial home otherwise he would return to her.

Buhera District Schools Inspector (DSI) Godfrey Chimbwanda confirmed the tragic incident but professed ignorance on the reasons for the suicide.

“I received a report of a teacher who committed suicide by drinking rat poison. I however, am not aware of the reasons for the act,” said Chimbwanda.

Sources said Ganga was on leave at his home at Ngaone in Chipinge and had a heated argument with his wife on Monday last week. He left home only to return on Tuesday at around 3am.

He tried to sleep but was restless as he had drank rat poison.

His child saw him with froth coming out of his mouth and called his wife who then called neighbours and he was ferried to Chipinge Hospital where he died the same day.

Source – masvingomirror