Zimbabwean schools lockdown by extended two more weeks

Constantino Chiwenga

The Acting President,  General Chiwenga has extended the Covid-19 National Lockdown by a further two weeks.

In a statement issued this Friday, the measures put in place are as follows;

“Schools be given at least one week after the next two-weeks lockdown extension, to put preventive public health measures in place before the
commencement of the general school calendar depending on the prevailing Covid-19 situation at that time.

“Teachers and students will be required to wear face masks while in class, all eligible teachers and students are encouraged to be vaccinated for
Covid-19 before the opening of schools. Enforcement officers are encouraged to conduct regular assessments of compliance in learning institutions, at least on a weekly basis.

“The provincial task-force teams are exhorted to strengthen their efforts of mobilizing all those eligible to get vaccinated.”

Members of the public are encouraged to abide by set Covid-19 preventive measures.

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