Zimbabwe Students Arrested In Cyprus For Armed Robbery

Scholaships Minister Christopher Mushohwe

Minister of State Responsible for Government Scholarships in the Office of the President, Christopher Mushohwe has revealed that 8 Zimbabwean Students were arrested in Cyprus last week for armed robbery.

However, the minister added the students were not on a government scholarship. He added that the government was duty bound to help the students as they were Zimbabwean nationals.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mushowe said,

We are concerned about the students’ plight as they are Zimbabwean citizens.

The students arrested in Northern Cyprus are not on governmentscholarship, they went there on a private arrangement on the backdrop that they are getting full scholarships but later realised that they had been deceived.

I spoke to the Turkish Ambassador to help us work with the Universities where those students were attending school. This can help us to locate the agents who sent them there so that they can help in finding a solution

I appeal to parents and students seeking private scholarships to verify with universities abroad if the scholarships are genuine and also to verify if they are offered on 100 percent basis…Circumstances like these could have been avoided.

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