Victor Matemadanda defies all odds, graduates with an MBA

Victor Matemadanda the deputy minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs and the National Political Commissar of ZANU Pf graduated with a master of Business Administration with a minor in Strategic Management.

Matemadanda started his degree in 2018 and facing all the challenges of work and family he has attained the degree and graduated today.

In congratulating the deputy minister the Minister of Defence and War Veterans affairs Ophar Zvipange Muchinguri Kashiri praised Matemadanda for attaining such an achievement. Muchinguri urged all the ZANU PF structures to pursue the path of education.

She indicated that the ministry of Defence boasts of seventy percent of its staff be it in the ministry or the defence force holds post graduates degrees. The minister herself holds two masters degrees.

Matemadanda has shown resilience by being able to efficiently run his ministry and his position at the party at the same time engaging in his studies. Commented Kashiri.

She was the guest of honour at the graduation ceremony, she added “your reliance and carrying out many tasks shows that you are a leader of great virtue.” quoting the great Aristotol Muchinguri Kashiri said” the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet… we need to celebrate this landmark achievement and all ZANU PF structures should embrace the practice and empower themselves.”

It is education which put the Zimbabwe army ahead of many armies in the world, Kashiri said as she shown that there is over seventy percent degree holders in the ministry and the armed forces in Zimbabwe.

Profesor Mavhima the minister of Education officiated the program.

The African Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership Proffessor Tapera Mazodza said that Honourable Matemedanda’s research proposal looked at Cotton production in Gokwe his home area. It zoomed at challenges the cotton farmers were meeting in cotton production. Cde Matemadanda got a straight A in his research.

Many lecturers took turns in testifying the experiences and memories of having Matemadnda great persona as their student.  Professor Tapera Mazodza said “when I came to know him, I saw a man of character determination and great leadership.

The event was attended by Mr and Honourable Mrs Mutsvangwa, dr Davison Gomo of ZANU PF, Cde Dokora, and Dr Bimha. Minister Chidhau, Minister Garwe, deputy minister Kindness Paradza, honourable senator Hungwe who is cde Matemadanda’s deputy National Political Commissar, Miriam Chikukwa chairwoman Harare Cde Bertty Kaseke, dr S Kada, Brig Chakanyuka, S Parirenyatwa, T Utsawegota among other esteemed comrades from the ZANU PF party.

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