University lecturer fined $100 as sex for marks scam erupts

Nyasha Ebson

MASVINGO – Botman Nyasha Ebson, a part-time lecturer at the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) was fined $100 or 60 days in jail after he tried to extort $300 from a man whose wife he allegedly had a sexual relationship with in exchange for higher marks in the Ba (ED) programme.

Two other lecturers at the University have since been cited in Police and court papers as having had a relationship with Nyaradzo Nyoni (nee Makwezva) in exchange for marks. Nyaradzo is a teacher at Chikato Primary School under Chief Zimuto in Masvingo Rural.

Ebson however, vehemently refutes the allegations that he had an affair with Nyaradzo who was his student and is married to Police Detective James Nyoni.

Nyaradzo however, confirms a sexual relationship with Ebson in some of her letters and sms texts but refutes in another letter where she says she made the statements after being slapped by her husband.

Nyoni reported Ebson to GZU authorities for luring his wife with marks for sex and The Mirror has in its possession a letter from the University which ruled that the case was civil and therefore had nothing to do with the University.

Ebson was convicted by Magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandhla after he reported Nyoni to the Police for allegedly making threats to kill him but later turned around and demanded $300 for the latter to drop the charges.

Nyoni felt that Ebson was trying to extort money from him and he reported the case resulting in the arrest and conviction of Ebson for extortion.

The matter started after Nyoni allegedly discovered that his wife and Ebson were phoning each other and sometimes at odd hours. Nyoni then went about investigating the matter until he discovered that Ebson was his wife’s lecturer at GZU.

The alleged affair between Ebson and Nyaradzo became a source of serious problems for Nyoni’s marriage and it saw the two being counselled at AFM Church in Mucheke. The affair also roped in family members and numerous attempts were made to reconcile the two but to no avail as they are now on separation.

Allegations are that after realising that the affair was now known to the husband, Nyaradzo warned Ebson who allegedly started calling Nyoni on his phone for discussions.

Ebson then made a Police report to the effect that Nyoni was threatening to kill him during the 2018 elections. He alleged that Nyoni threatened to come and shoot him in front of his wife and children.

The matter was taken to court and Nyoni was acquitted after the complainant failed to produce evidence to support the claims.

One of the statements made by Nyaradzo which is in the hands of The Mirror reads, “Am sorry James for having a sexual affair with Botman in return for higher marks and distinctions. I won’t do it again”.

In another letter Nyaradzo says, “I know nothing about Botman. Not even a single day in my life randakafamba nemunhu uyu. All the accusations about Botman hapana chandinoziva. Chokwadi chinozivikanwa naMwari nezvaBotman.

“Nyaya yaBotman ngaibude pachena nezita raJesu we Nazareth”.

Two other lectures who were also implicated in the case; Robert Munodawafa and Andrew Chityavangoma vehemently denied any knowledge of the matter.

The Mirror also has letters in which Nyoni has sent notices to Ebson for making false reports to the Police against him.