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Teen Mom Seeks Exam Fees to Pursue Law Dreams

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BINDURA – Ashley Mariyapera, an 18-year-old single mother from Manhenga, Zimbabwe, is facing a tight deadline to register for three crucial ZIMSEC exams: Maths, English, and Integrated Science.

The registration window closes today, March 20, 2024, and Mariyapera is appealing to the public for assistance covering the exam fees.

Challenges have marked Mariyapera’s educational journey. She became pregnant during her Form 3 studies in 2022 and subsequently took a two-month leave of absence after giving birth in 2023. Upon returning to school, she persevered and sat for her Ordinary Level exams later that year. While she managed to pass four out of eight subjects, her aspirations for a legal career require her to pass these three additional subjects.

Financial constraints pose a significant hurdle for Mariyapera. Her initial plan to raise the exam fees through part-time agricultural work in her village was thwarted due to widespread crop failure. Now, with the registration deadline looming, she seeks the support of the community to realize her academic goals.

Mariyapera’s determination to become a lawyer is unwavering. Despite facing the unexpected challenges of motherhood at a young age, her ambition to pursue a legal career remains strong. She is open to scholarship opportunities in addition to assistance with the immediate exam fees.

To all well-wishers willing to assist her you contact her or send your financial support to +263773 452 098