St Joseph’s student excels in Art

Noreen Nhemachema

NOREEN Nhemachema, an Upper Sixth student at St Joseph’s High School in Mutare is fast proving to be a household name in the arts industry with her impressive drawings.

The 18-year-old artist said she developed the knack for drawing from a tender age. Noreen, a product of St Joseph’s Primary School, said her desire was to become an arts teacher.

“It all started when I was in Grade Six at St Joseph’s Primary School. I can draw anything. When I enrolled at St Joseph’s High School, I continued with Art.

‘‘I was greatly inspired by a certain white man who used to draw fast using his toes.

“My desire is to become an Art teacher. All I want right now is someone who can mentor and develop me into a great artist. Art is in me and it is my hobby.

“Art is important in my life and it reflects our humanity and way of life. It is not just an image, but each image tells a story. Art is not just a practice, but it is a way of life and is not all about a skill, but passion,” she said.

She said her family was so supportive in whatever she does.

“My family and friends inspire me and I believe in the near future I will be a force to reckon with,” she said.