Spare a thought for the Zimbabwean teacher

The unnamed school choir in the video crystalises the emotions that many Zimbabweans have today when they think about the working conditions of the country’s teachers.

Since the new dispensation, the teacher has been the most poorly remunerated professional in the civil service at one time earning an equivalency of US$30.

Accommodation for most rural schools is appalling with as many as 4 teachers sharing 3-bedroomed houses. Dont forget they have families, they need somewhere to put their furniture and they also need privacy.

Those in the know would say to kill a nation you need to kill the education system first and to kill the education system you kill the actors who are the teachers.

The question that lingers is; does the new dispensation have respect for education or do they want to turn everyone into magweja?

Kutambura kwenyu teacher kunorwadza tese maZimbo pamoyo!

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