Schools to remain closed until further notice, says government

The government has moved to squash unsubstantiated rumours confusing parents about opening dates of schools around Zimbabwe. The opening of schools will remain deferred until further notice, the government said on Friday as it shot down a bogus memo that said learners would resume classes on February 23. Social media has been abused by unscrupulous characters who fly fake news thereby causing confusion in the people.

Schools were supposed to open for the first quarter on January 4 but could not, due to a spike in Covid-19 infections. A national lockdown, which still subsists, was put in place to slow down the respiratory illness. The lockdown has helped to slow down the spread of this virus.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to advise the public that a circular on social media regarding the schools calendar is fake,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The public is advised to disregard the circular. Schools remain closed until an official announcement is made through government structures and channels.

“Meanwhile, the Ministry continues to explore more online teaching and learning alternative platforms and other open distance materials without face-to-face contact,” the statement said.

Teachers say schools should only open after the government has provided them and students with adequate personal protective equipment to shield themselves, arguing anything less puts them in harm’s way.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to ease the lockdown next week as the country begins immunizing frontline workers and vulnerable groups with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine which arrives in Harare on Monday.

School staff will also be given priority, a vaccination framework released by the ministry of health on Friday said.

In the meantime South Africa has started to roll out the vaccine to its populace, while Mozambique becomes the latest country to be hard hit by the CORONA virus pandemic. Maputo has seen make shifts tents being erected for treating the afflicted. Speaking to zim24/7 Dr Guadoza in Maputo confirmed the sorry state in Mozambique which is facing two threats from two different armies. Facing the extremists Islamic State fighting from another corner and facing the pandemic on the other side.

On a positive side, ZIMBABWE is recording low infection rates as compared to the surge which has gripped the nation in fear.

Mr Alister Mavaza a business man in Harare urged people not put their guards down. He has urged people to Mask up and sanitise.