Pre-school owner chases after male parents

Yes, God has finally decided to cool down the universe after the scorching heat that was threatening to annihilate the entire human race. It’s raining countrywide, and Masvingo has not been spared despite the fact that the city which is just a microcosm of modern day Zimbabwe is more sinful than the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

The town has it’s fair share of transgressions that has earned it a place in the first top four highly reprehensible cities this side of the Hemisphere.

This complacency and censorship laxity has prompted HOTH to employ tactics from an English writer Agatha Christie’s detective novels and short story collections, particularly those revolving around fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

The Little Imaginations in Agatha’s novels reminds me of this woman living and running a preschool in one of our leafy suburb. I am told the Little Imaginations in her head has paid off and earned her a man of little melanin.

Now, her Little Imagination has taken a step further and she has come up with new ways of getting more moola. I love her target victims which are mostly male of different professions ranging from bankers, money-changers, businessmen, non governmental organizations and others.

HOTH is reliably told that she would borrow different amounts of money from those men, from 200 greenbacks to several grands. Unsuspecting men will lend her money oblivious of the worst nightmares they will have go through when it’s time for her to pay back.

Hanzi sister ndeve waist management ivavo. If you want any recoveries the only way is to take her to bed. Madzimai muriko here uko? Varume vapera nechakapedza mbudzi. Kuita kubovera chaiko. If your man is failing to explain the missing money you had plans with don’t say HOTH didn’t tip you off.

I am told some men are now employing some unorthodox and unethical ways of recovering the money. I heard one guy had to storm a graduation ceremony demanding his money and he was paid pronto before parents of the little souls could figure out what was happening.

Kudos to you bro. Perfect timing. One thing I like about the move is proving that Agatha Christie does not have a monopoly of Little Imaginations because anyone can come up with the Little Imaginations to recover their monies.

I don’t hold a grudge with anyone hangu I am just a messenger so you don’t kill the measenger because he brought bad news.

In other news I heard Chief Murinye wakarinyira paugona saying the army men should repeat the 2017 operation restore order. I am told he is a bitter man after the G40 project suffered a stillbirth. He was very active going around the country with Gucci Grace during the interface rallies.

That’s when he met that woman he calls his second wife who is a spook. You know the spook uyuzve Jane uyu. I heard she grabbed her from this guy who works kuUniferm uyu. Hamufare here if I tell you the whole stoty.

Before her marriage to the guy she used to go out with Ruvai. That’s why the Igwe is bitter about him. The Igwe is a loose canon spitting explicit words at a funeral threatening to castrate the Missing Person of a certain constituency.

I will you tell you more about the Igwe next week, I bet you will know how corrupt and promiscuous the man is. He is not qualified to talk about corruption. –

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