NUST lecturers strike

Some lecturers at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have gone on strike over an array of issues, accusing the management of pampering themselves with huge benefits at the expense of the service delivery.

When the ZBC News visited the campus in Bulawayo, it was business unusual as lecturers have reportedly downed tools over an array of issues chief among them being outstanding allowances.

Though the executive of the NUST Education Association (NUSTEDA) were not at liberty to unpack their grievances to the media at this stage, ZBC News is reliably informed that the union is not happy with the new council that is running affairs at the institution.

ZBC News is informed that a letter the association wrote to the chairman of the council set out some of the problems that prompted them to go on industrial action.

It says they can’t continue to do their work without proper teaching laboratory apparatus, laptops and other equipment needed to do their work.

They accused the new management of pampering themselves with car loans and other luxuries which are not part of the core business of the institution.

Some of the lecturers at the institution are being owed long service awards, contract leave and other privileges.

They said they are being sacrificed to sponsor the opulence of the new management.

Most students were caught by surprise by their lecturers’ sudden decision.

The university’s Communication and Marketing Officer, Miss Lindiwe Nyoni confirmed that they have received a letter of demand from NUSTEDA and said they are working round the clock to rectify the issue.

Some of the lecturers who spoke to ZBC News on condition of anonymity demanded that the new university management engages them and iron out some of the outstanding issues as a matter of urgency if lectures are to commence.