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New book on children living in the streets

Tichamupei Comfort Nyandoro
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MASVINGO – Tichamupei Comfort Nyandoro, a school teacher by profession and now a director for a children’s arts group have published an insightful book on children living in the streets.

Zvichatinakira (It will be well) is a must-read for all those with a passion for children and in particular, those working with orphans, disadvantaged children, and children who find themselves without a home.

The main subject of the book is a girl child who finds herself in the streets.

The 60-page Shona book is written from an empathetic position by someone who has not only tremendously worked with children living in the streets but has brought them into her home and looked after them together with her own two sons.

She has also produced nationally acclaimed performing artists from school children in Masvingo and its environs.

The book by Ticha (Tichamupei) who is the director of the four-year-old Zimbabwe Performing Arts for Schools (ZIMPAST) disabuses the reader of the notion that children who live in the streets are stubborn or strong-willed.

There are sad circumstances that force children into the streets which are beyond their control, says Ticha and she ubiquitously supports the point in her book.

Ticha is a published poet with her poems found in several books.

Some of the books where her poems are found are Women Exceed, Mupakwa Parwendo, Ngoma yedzimambwe, Yorira Ngoma Yenhetembo, Chainga Chenduri and Nduri Upenyu.

Born in Zaka, Ticha says she has a soft for children.

“It is important to write books in vernacular because we are in a time where people are shunning their own languages. Reminding and teaching people the beauty of our language should be a responsibility for everyone,” she said.

“The issue in the book was influenced by what I see and feel. We do not usually choose what to write, we are pushed to compose. The inspiration of the day tells you what to write.

“Many people have inspired and encouraged me. My husband Shelton Nyandoro has been very supportive, my brother Jemitias Chivore always expresses appreciation while fellow artists Shingirai Manyengavana, Mambo Guramatunhu, Tinashe Muchuri, Johanes Mupisa and veteran authors like Aaron Chiundura Moyo are a source of inspiration.

“The book is about people living in the streets. Sometimes people are quick to judge them, sometimes the kids are not as bad as people think sometimes all they need is support to realise their dreams and ambitions in life,” said Nyandoro.