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Mazowe High School Expels Students Amidst Homosexuality and Drug Allegations

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Mazowe High School, a Salvation Army-run institution in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe, has been embroiled in controversy following the expulsion of a dozen learners at the end of last term over allegations of homosexuality and drug abuse.

The development comes at a time when the religious landscape in Zimbabwe regarding homosexuality is in flux, with the United Methodist Church split over same-sex marriage.

While the school’s headmaster Mr Thomson Katanda vehemently denied the expulsions, stating, “Nothing like that ever happened at this school, no students were expelled,” evidence suggests otherwise.

Major Foroma Hungwe, the Salvation Army Public Relations Secretary for the School, confirmed the expulsions in a text message, citing the school’s child protection policy and the potential repercussions of publicizing the details.

“The Church education department confirms students were dismissed over these allegations and have already enrolled in other schools.”

He further referred us to the school head who up to the time of publishing this article refused to pick up our calls for follow-up questions.

Several anonymous sources have corroborated the expulsions to Bindura Eye. The silence from the school administration and the cryptic messages from the Public Relations Secretary raise questions about the due process afforded to the expelled students and the true nature of the alleged offences.

The expulsions come amidst a national conversation about drugs and homosexuality in Zimbabwe. Drug abuse has become a major concern, with authorities struggling to contain the influx and use of illicit substances.

The specific type of drugs the expelled students were allegedly involved with remains unclear. Homosexuality is still illegal in Zimbabwe, and the Salvation Army, a conservative Christian denomination, adheres to traditional views on sexuality.

Source: Bindura Eye