Government is set to expedite the process of building new schools particularly in resettlement areas, with the ministry of primary and secondary education engaging the finance ministry for funding.

This development comes at a time when most children in Chiredzi district especially in rural communities walk more than 5 kilometres to nearest school.

The government has set in motion plans to address the issue with Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Professor Paul Mavima who visited the area recently revealing that his ministry has since engaged treasury to speed up the process of building new schools.

“Shortage of schools is a national issue since 2013 and as government we need to accelerate the construction of schools throughout the country. We have written a proposal to the ministry of finance to ensure we build as many as we can considering the existing gap where we have a shortage of more than 2000 schools,” said the Minister

According to statistics from the District’s education office, nearly 10 % of children particularly those at secondary level are dropping out of school with the issue of distance being the major cause.

The government is walking the talk on the issue of education Infrastructure with 17 schools having been completed through a partnership with the OpenFund for International Development.