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Government sweats over situation in schools

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THE government is enforcing security measures in schools to make sure Covid-19 protocols are observed as part of efforts to curb the spread of the viral disease in all learning institutions, Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa has said.

Speaking in Senate last week, Mutsvangwa said despite challenges, the government was working hard to facilitate Covid-19 tests in schools.

“It was not possible for every student to be tested, but the government has made an effort for teachers to get vaccination jabs.

“This is done to protect our children. So, the government is doing a lot at the moment,” said Mutsvangwa.

She, however, conceded that the government was facing several challenges and was not in a position to provide PCR tests for every student.

“However, other health protocols are being implemented in all schools. Learner’s temperature checks are taken daily and social distancing is observed to protect learners and teachers at once.

“We know that Covid-19 is with us and there are a lot of issues that are challenging our education sector, but the government continues to review situations by looking at the way forward.

“There are challenges like e-learning which is done on phones and computers and even on radio stations,” she said.

Mutsvangwa added that the government had utilised the funds that were mobilised to ensure that there were standard operating procedures in schools.

“These are there to see whether there are sanitation facilities that are used by students, for example washing hands, masking up and maintaining social distancing in schools.

“The biggest challenge that our government is facing is that we are supposed to be providing e-learning, online lessons and radio lessons to our children.

“The government at the moment is seized with the challenges that are found in schools.

“We have over nine thousand schools throughout Zimbabwe.

“These schools do not have adequate power.

“There are only a few schools that have electricity,” said the minister.

Source – dailynews