British House of Lords exposes local Teacher Unions

Minister of State, Lord Ahmad

SOME local teacher representative organisations have been exposed for working with the country’s detractors in their regime change agenda after it was confirmed in the British Parliament.

The recent revelations by the Minister of State, Lord Ahmad in the United Kingdom House of the Lords has left teacher unions with egg in the face after he indicated that they are working closely with them to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

“We are engaging with Teacher Unions in Zimbabwe and we had a meeting as early as 21st of September 2021 to find a common ground,” said Lord Ahmad, UK Minister of State.

Political analyst, Dr Tawanda Zinyama said the recent development confirms that teacher unions have been hijacked for political expedience.

“We have Almagated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe and Progressive Teachers Union whose leaders have been calling for non-invigilation of examination classes, this is surprising. How can one fail to invigilate the final exam when he has been teaching all this long,” he said,” said Dr Tawanda Zinyama.

Another political analyst, Mr Gibson Nyikadzino said the United Kingdom’s obsession with Zimbabwe’s internal affairs is now in the open for all to see.

“This obsession with Zimbabwe to effect regime change must be ashamed especially the infiltration of teacher Unions. It also means they want to infiltrate the public service which will never happen in Zimbabwe.”

The west has tried in vain to effect regime change in Zimbabwe by imposing illegal economic sanctions on the country but the nation has registered milestones in infrastructure development with World Bank projecting an average growth rate of 6 percent.

The second republic is also pursuing the engagement and re-engagement agenda where President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made it clear in no uncertain terms that Zimbabwe is a friend to all and enemy to none.

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