Academic Pedzisayi Ruhanya threatenes to leak ex-SA University student’s results over political differences

Pedzisayi Ruhanya

AT a time MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa and the rival MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora must be seeking to close ranks ahead of the third anniversary of the passing on of MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai, the rift has widened thanks to a storm created by Vincent Tsvangirai.

Vincent Tsvangirai is the MDC-T Glen View South MP and the party’s secretary for presidential affairs. He is the son of the late Morgan Tsvangirai, who died on 14 February 2018.

In his reply by a blog article by Alex Magaisa, a Chamisa advisor, Vincent Tsvangirai touched a raw nerve when he fingered Magaisa as the rabble rouser in MDC Alliance, also insinuating that Magaisa brought the G40 into Chamisa’s party leading to disenchantment among voters and members.

Tsvangirai also accused Magaisa of being behind his father election defeat to Robert Mugabe in 2013. Magaisa was advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai for a few years ending in 2013.

Yesterday, Pedzisayi Ruhanya, a Chamisa ally and lecturer at a South African university, tore into Tsvangirai accusing him of being Mwonzora’s “political toddler”.

Ruhanya further vowed to expose Tsvangirai as a matric dropout who has no academic certificate to his name. Ruhanya said this as the fallout over Tsvangirai’s article took a dramatic slide.

“Douglas Mwonzora has without provocation drawn the battle lines with Alex Magaisa and myself by sending a political toddler whose only qualification is his father’s surname to play games. I receive his invitation with delight and I shall play the game of facts and nothing but facts.

“The first is that Zanu-PF has captured MDC-T and this is public information with facts as clear as a goat’s behind Mwonzora. From expelling MPs, Councillors, to militarily assisted in taking over Harvest, political finances money to being given venue and ZUPCO buses for congress,” Ruhanya said.

However, in another statement, Ruhanya said it was actually Tapiwa Mashakada who penned the article:

“Dear @DMwonzora: Please dont abuse MP Vincent Tsvangirai to pick wars with @PedzisaiRuhanya, @Wamagaisa, @ProfJNMoyo in that BS written by Mashakanda on his behalf. If you love him, advice him to go back to SA and complete his matric exams he failed before I post the the results,” said Ruhanya.

On his part, Magaisa threatened a long-drawn war with Tsvangirai and Mwonzora over the matter. He suggested that by attacking him, Tsvangirai had swallowed more than he can chew.

“The great Achebe had this to say in Arrow of God, quoting the wisdom of his Igbo ancestors: “A man who knows that his anus is small does not swallow an udala seed.” Magaisa said.

“It’ll be a withdrawn war, running from dawn to dusk… In 2016, when Morgan Tsvangirai appointed two Vice Presidents they placed a tortoise on a lamppost to challenge him. That metaphorical tortoise was Patson Murimoga. His case was thrown out by the High Court on a technicality and they lay low. They were fighting him while with him.

“Afterwards, an aggrieved Thokozani Khupe sulked and stopped attending meetings and events. She was unhappy with Tsvangirai’s decision, but had no guts to challenge him openly while he lived. The relationship was frosty even as Tsvangirai was on his deathbed.

“Even in death, when he was no longer able to defend himself, they still went after Tsvangirai. They put another tortoise on a lamppost, this time it was one Elias Mashavira to challenge Tsvangirai’s 2016 decision and do what the first tortoise had failed to do.

“Their objective achieved, trashing what Tsvangirai had done, when was dead and unable to explain or defend himself, they celebrated. And yet, incredibly after assaulting and embarrassing a dead man’s legacy in court they still pretend to be carrying his legacy forward.

“And when Mwonzora defeated Khupe in December 2020, what did he do? He appointed not on but two Vice Presidents, Khupe and Mudzuri – exactly the same thing they said Tsvangirai had done wrong.

“These are the facts, not opinions. Small men can cast large shadows, even when standing on the shoulders of political toddlers. But shadows are deceptive. Morgan would never have appeased ZANU-PF, let alone kept silent in the face of human rights violations and incompetence,” said Magaisa. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺