Zimpapers unveils new Bulawayo printing press

ZIMPAPERS today unveils its new newspaper printing machine in Bulawayo as part of its efforts to improve its line of business.

The launch took place at Typocrafters which was re-opened in November last year and commissioned with a $1 million exercise book printing machine.

The board chairperson who was also the guest of honour, Mr Tommy Sithole, expressed gratitude and happiness to the work that has been accomplished by the company.

“As an organisation we saw it fit to bring the printing press to the Southern part of Zimbabwe in order to put Zimpapers at a competitive advantage because besides content, advertisers also need spreadsheets, jackets, fliers and so forth to be designed for them. Thus, the company can have full exploitation of production capacity and market potential,” said the board chairperson.

He said that organisation’s products were at a disadvantage when it came to the product appearance.

“We have always been disadvantaged by the issue of colour printing for our newspapers but now things are going to be a lot easy. We will be able to compete in the market in terms of content as well as appearance,” he said.

Speaking during the launch, Zimpapers General Manager for Digital and Publishing, Mr Marks Shayamano said the new machine was advantageous to the company.

“This new machine will put the company at a competitive advantage because of its modernity. The machine is able to print 40 000 copies in an hour, it only needs one person to operate compared to the old one because it is automated, it can accommodate a paper that is as big 910mm and is able to fold a paper to whatever size needed,” he said.

He added that the machine will bring more revenue to the company.

“Besides printing newspapers, we can even consider printing textbooks for companies and with the machine we can even offer services to countries in the region such as Botswana,” said Mr Shayamano.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Pikirayi Deketeke, senior management and several board members attended the launch.

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