ZBC television close to national embarrassment: Mangwana

Zanu-PF’s Representative in the United Kingdom and Europe, Nick Mangwana has said that state-owned broadcaster ZBC TV is failing the country due the poor quality of its broadcasts.

Mangwana questioned how ZBC TV could lead national branding when it is failing to attract viewership. Writing on social media site Twitter, Mangwana said,

ZTV very close to a national embarrassment. It’s our only TV & it’s hooked onto international platforms for all & sundry to view. Its program output is poor quality, unimaginative & misrepresent us. I wonder if there is a non-Zimbo who tunes in even just to watch the news.

…We are in reform mode. You don’t reform anything without giving it an honest assessment first. This is how I view it…ZTV should lead our national branding.

When people watch it they should have a feel about the Zimbabwean society and the country at large. I don’t believe what we see there is a reflection of who we are and the brand is wrong.

…This has nothing to do with my party. This has a lot with the need to make Zimbabwe a middle income by 2030. We don’t get there by having not telling ourselves the truth and mis-selling ourselves. Those dramas are pathetic. There is a need for modernisation there.

Source: Pindula