‘Threats against social media unlawful’

HARARE – Misa-Zimbabwe is disquieted by the string of threats that have recently been issued against the use of social media by citizens.

This follows a series of threats by ministers Patrick Chinamasa, Mike Bimha and Chris Mushowe to tighten control over use of social media amid claims that this was the cause of shortages of basic commodities and bank notes in the country.

The statements pose a serious threat against the exercise of freedom of expression on the part of both the citizens and the media as provided for in Sections 61 and 62 of the Zimbabwean Constitution.

The statements are essentially a curtailment of these constitutional rights.

It is the considered view of Misa-Zimbabwe that these statements are calculated to instil self-censorship on the part of both the individual and the media to curb the free flow of information on pertinent socio-economic and political issues. – Daily News