Mutodi Savages His Boss, Accuse Monica Mutsvangwa Of Trying To Get Him Fired

Engineer Mudzamba of ZBC gives a briefing inside one of the HD digital studios to Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa (second from left), her deputy Energy Mutodi and the permanent secretary in the ministry Mr Nick Mangwana at Pockets Hill in Harare yesterday

The Deputy Minister for Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi has torn into her boss, Monica Mutsvangwa. Mutodi says Mutsvangwa is in a crusade to get him fired so that she can have her minion take over Mutodi’s place. Mutodi had this to say,

Minister Monica Mutsvangwa is working with a rogue driver who is claiming to have been assaulted by me. She wants me fired from the Information Ministry and replaced by her loyalist. She has captured the state media & AMH newspapers. It’s game on.