Mthuli Ncube Never Consulted Us On Lumumba’s Appointment, It Undermines Our Role – Information Minister

Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has said that his ministry is concerned by the appointment of Acie Lumumba as the chairperson of the Ministry of Finance’s Communications Taskforce.

Lumumba, real name William Gerald Mutumanje, was appointed by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to become the spokesperson for the Ministry. Mutodi said that his ministry was surprised by the appointment as the Information Ministry was responsible for communicating government policy.

Speaking to the Daily News, Mutodi said,

I am afraid that the appointment of a communications chairperson in the ministry of Finance may undermine the role that is to be played by the Information ministry. Most governments realise the world over that not all ministers, especially those appointed for their technical expertise have good communication skills, hence the need for an Information ministry that communicates government policy to the public…

If all ministries manned by technocrats would resort to communications chairpersons we will eventually have a bloated workforce and a duplication of duties as the Information ministry must continue to maintain its oversight role on all policy communications.

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