Mnangagwa’s Son-In-Law Bids $3.5 Milion For Local Football Rights, As Kwese Shows No Interest

Gerald Mlotshwa

Kwese TV’s former broadcast partner, Dr Dish, has submitted a $3.5 million bid in order to broadcast matches from the domestic Premier Soccer League (PSL).

This comes at a time when Dr Dish’s former partners, Kwese TV, said that at present they had no interest in broadcasting the local league. If Dr Dish’s bid is accepted by the PSL, the domestic league will receive $750 000 per year for the next five years.

50% of Dr Dish is owned by Zimbabwean lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa through his private family vehicle Ktulu Nominees after a deal that was signed in January. This makes Mlotshwa’s family the largest shareholder in Dr Dish. Mlotshwa is married to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter, Farai Mnangagwa.

Sources from Dr Dish told the Herald,

The leadership at Dr Dish believe interest in Zimbabwean football is very high throughout the country with thousands, if not millions, of people following what happens at our stadiums every weekend with religious interest.

They believe, if well-packaged, and with a lot of matches being covered, there is a market out there that has an appetite for content that is generated from the local Premier League and which a lot of people want to see on their televisions at home, in the bars or in the offices.

Of course, the decision rests with the PSL leaders and let’s see how it pans out but clearly, this is far more money, which has been put on the table, than what the PSL were getting from their previous deal with SuperSport.

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