MDC-T Officials Storm Masvingo Paper Over Story

In response to a story published by TellZim News headlined ‘MDC-T Masvingo plots coup on sitting councillors’ the party’s district chairperson Murangamwa Chanyau and provincial administrator Peter Chigaba stormed the newspaper’s offices accusing the paper of being bribed by Zanu-PF to fight MDC-T.

The story exposed a secret plot to oust all the sitting MDC-T Masvingo urban councillors through imposition of new candidates. Chigaba and Chanyau took turns to threaten TellZim journalists while demanding to see who had written the story.

The two accused the paper of supporting MDC-T legislator for Masvingo Urban, Tongai Matutu while discrediting his rival Takanayi Mureyi. Said Chigaba:

Munoda change here imi? Change yacho inouya sei kana muchinyora muchidai. Muri kutengwa neZanu (PF) imi. (Do you want change in this country? How can change be possible when you write stories like this? You are being bribed by Zanu to write this trash)

We expect Herald kuti idaro kwete imi (We expect Herald to write such negative stories, and not you).

Source: Pindula

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