‘CIO and army bombed Daily News’ – Moyo

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

The dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation and the Military Intelligence Department operatives bombed the Daily News in 2001.

Professor Jonathan Moyo who has been accused of sanctioning the bombings has denied being involved in the act.

Said Moyo, “That’s how opportunistically evil the CIO and MID military operatives are. They took advantage of the legal dispute the Ministry I was heading had with Nyarota and his Daily News at the time to bomb the paper’s printing press in order to have fingers pointed at me!”

In 2001 a bomb exploded at the print works of Daily News continuing what many believe to be a government-backed campaign of intimidation against its critics.

The main printing presses of The Daily News in Harare were badly damaged in the blast, although no-one was hurt.

A source at the then Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, the company that produced the paper, said, “It was a carefully planned operation. A man came to the front gates making a disturbance in the middle of the night, and as all six security guards were dealing with that, the intruders climbed in the back and planted the charges. They knew what they were doing as the explosives were positioned in such a way to cause the most damage.”

Source – Byo24