Owner Trevor Ncube

Alpha Media Holdings owner Trevor Ncube has seemingly implicated Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi after newspapers vendors who were selling AMH titles, NewsDay and The Zimbabwe Independent were attacked by a group of men.

Ncube described the attack as well organised after the group was reportedly transported in two vehicles.

Ncube then revealed that the editor of NewsDay, Wisdom Mdzungairi, was threatened by Mutodi after AMH increased the prices of its titles by 100 per cent this week. Mutodi was not impressed by the decision and warned the group not to indulge in speculative behaviour saying that newspapers should remain pegged at $1 only.

Relating the alleged attack on the newspaper vendors, Ncube wrote,

Approx 8:30 am today group of young men transported in 2 cars attacked NewsDay Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Independent vendors and burnt newspapers. This was well-organised operation. The culprits are at Harare Central police station.

As this was happening Deputy Minister of Information, Energy Mutodi Energy Mutodi called NewsDay editor Wisdom Mdzungairi threatening that he would fight AMH if we didn’t adjust the cover price of our newspapers. This conduct is regrettable and must be strongly condemned.

On Wednesday Energy Mutodi tweeted a veiled threat saying newspaper price increases would not happen under “our watch”. The question is – is it him who organised these young people to commit this crime? So far all indications point to this.

Energy Mutodi’ s threat reminds me of Jonathan Moyo’s threat to the Daily News before their printing press was bombed. I refuse to think we are back to those dark days. I am aware of getting rid of Mugabeism in some people is a process, not an event.

The 8 young men are currently at Harare Central police station having been caught by members of the public and our vendors. Vendors have made warned and cautioned statements. This type of behaviour has no place in a country we are trying to rebuild.